Corona Support

corona support

We all need a bit of corona support, and our dogs are no different. COVID-19 has not only changed our lives and turned our routines upside down. It’s also completely changed things for our dogs too.  Overnight they may have been limited to one walk a day, or are getting extra walks. All of a sudden, they now have people home with them all day.  We need to think about preparing our dogs to return to their pre-lockdown routine, to avoid them getting separation anxiety.

I have written several articles including blogs, and an e-book. I have also published a book to help and provide you and your dog with corona support.

In my book “The Lockdown Dog” I provide you with brain games that tire your dog out as much as an hour’s walk.  I offer ways to make the most out of your one walk a day, whilst keeping your dog safe and legal .  Finally I help you prepare your dog for when lockdown is over and your dog has to spend some time on it’s own again.

Engage & Entertain

Entertain & Engage at home shows you how to use brain games to tire your dog during the lockdown.