Why I’m no Yanker

That’s right, I’m no *anker.

I’m also no yanker. You know what I mean, one of those people who continually yank their dogs lead.

I was out recently with the lovely Bella and De Niro, the golden retrievers. We were heading back from our adventures.

We were approaching the kerbside to cross the road. A lady was also approaching the same spot with her lively little dog.

So I did what I always do in these situations and I held back and allowed the lady and her dog right of way.

And I’m glad I did because her dog was so pulling at its lead. It was desperate to say hello to Bella and De Niro.

And what did the lady do? Yep, she starting yanking at her dog and telling it to come away and don’t do that.

Big. Fat. Head. Slap.

And then it got worse because she crossed the first part of the road and then stood in the narrow traffic island with her dog out of control.

When I’m with dogs I don’t cross the road unless I can cross the whole road. I would never subject a dog to being in the middle of a road with the potential of traffic zooming either side of us.

That’s another big fat head slap for that lady.

I let this lady and her dog get a respectful distance ahead and then Bella & De Niro (who had been calmly sitting by my side the whole time) and I set off and finally crossed the road.

That dog (who was a beautiful dog with no signs of aggression, just an eager beaver) was continually looking back at us which meant its owner was continually yanking it back.

It’s really important to me that dogs walk calmly. It’s one of the things that we work on with dogs on our walks.

It’s also a non negotiable that dogs are walked in a controlled way by a road. I don’t actually care if you have trained your dog to always walk on your left side. If they are with me and I’m walking along the road, they will be on the side of me furthest away from the road.

It’s like the doggy equivalent of me being a gentleman and ensuring the lady walks on the inside.

And guess what, it also means if a car suddenly decides to crash it will be me that takes the first hit. That’s why it’s a non negotiable for me, safety for your dogs.

And while I’m on my soap box please keep your dog on a short lead by the road. Seeing dogs with loose leads or extending leads, and then suddenly lurching to the kerbside makes me feel sick about what could possibly happen.

Keep your dog safe by roads like you would a child.

Love, Sally xx

Sally Cousins is a self confessed mad dog lady!  

After being mum to several rescue dogs she decided to turn her passion in to her career and set up her own dog walking business back in 2015.

Sally not only runs her business, she also writes for her own blog and also does guest blogs for other dog businesses. You can also find Sally chatting as a guest  on dog related podcasts.

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